The Kerameikos Archaeological Museum

[…] The tour of the main archaeological sites of Athens normally ends at eh Kerameikos, which visitors reach by walking along the pedestrianised area of Ermou Street. The site owes its name to the fact that here, at the north-west edge of the ancient city, where the deme of Kerameis («township of Potters») was located (the fairest suburb of the city, according to Thucydides), was the production centre of the Attic pottery that was so famous in ancient times. The porrers’ workshops were on the fringes of the valley of the little river Eridanos, which still flows through the archaeological site, and they used the argillaceous earth that was ideal for the potter’s art. […]

Συγγραφέας : Ηλιόπουλος Θεόδωρος
Μεταφραστής : Hardy David A.
Φωτογράφος : Στουρνάρας Στέφανος Ν.
Εκδότης : Υπουργείο Πολιτισμού. Ταμείο Αρχαιολογικών Πόρων και Απαλλοτριώσεων
Έτος έκδοσης : 2009
ISBN : 960-214-836-5
Σελίδες : 42
Σχήμα : 27χ17
Κατηγορίες : Αρχαιολογικά μουσεία και συλλογές, Μουσεία – Οδηγοί, Μουσεία – Ελλάς

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