The Athenian Acropolis

The Acropolis hill, as its Greek name (which means “upper” or “higher city”) suggests, occupies a prominent position in the city of Athens and the basin of Attica. It rises to a height of 156 m. above sea level and has strong natural defenses, and springs of water in its lower slopes.
The earliest traces of human presence have been discovered on the north and south slopes and date back to the Neolithic period (5500-3200 BC). […]
In the 6th c. BC, political figures such as Solon, the tyrant Peisistratos and his sons encouraged building and artistic activity in the city and in the sanctuary on the Acropolis. […]
(from p.6)

Συγγραφέας: Βλασσοπούλου Χριστίνα
Μεταφραστής: Hardy David A.
Εκδότης: Υπουργείο Πολιτισμού. Ταμείο Αρχαιολογικών Πόρων και Απαλλοτριώσεων
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