De viaje


De viaje por el mundo hispano takes students on a cultural journey to explore Spanish-speaking countries. Each unit – or thematic route – offers both a section dedicated to Spain, and another dedicated to Central and South America, offering a varied and heterogeneous overview of the two continents.

The volume is divided into six units:
• Geografía
• Ciudades y Países
• Historia
• Identidad, Economía e Instituciones
• Cultura y Arte
• Sociedad Hoy

Within each unit several topics are discussed, providing a critical insight into similarities and differences between Spain and the Americas, through texts, documents, curiosities, eating habits and recipes and cultural insights. To aid understanding, the texts are accompanied by a monolingual glossary.
At the end of each unit, there is a wide range of exercises enabling students to check their understanding. These include: listening comprehension activities, vocabulary, writing, as well as speaking.
After each unit, the section «Leer para aprender» offers a selection of significant Spanish literature and Latin texts all with activities.
In each unit there is also a page with activities related to the DVD.
Finally, the volume includes the physical and political maps of Spain, Central and South America and thematic routes are suggested.

For the teacher:
• teacher’s guide with methodological notes, solutions to the exercises and recording scripts;
• educational DVD that offers the an authentic insight into Spain and Spanish-speaking world.

Main features:
• 6 thematic routes
• each unit is divided between Spain and Central and South America;
• dossier sections that stimulate the curiosity of newspapers and cultural aspects;
• two pages devoted to literature In each stage;
• activities relating to the DVD;
• support activities in the four skills;
• particular attention given to expanding lexical competence;
• audio CD with listening exercises.

Εκδότης : Μαριν-Cideb
ISBN : 978-88-530-1122-0
Σελίδες :
Τύπος : Βιβλίο Καθηγητή
Κατηγορίες : Ξενόγλωσσα Εκπαιδευτικά

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